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Line-X Sprayed-on Truck Bedliners and Protective Coatings

  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Prevents load shifts: non-slip  
  • Durable factory looking finish
  • No lost cargo space
  • Accessories fit great
  • Dampens sound and vibration
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Tough, consistent surface
  • Resists most chemicals
  • Scratch and dent resistant
  • Provides years of reliable service
  • Allows natural drainage from the bed
  • Adds value to your truck 

Unique is Saskatoon’s Original Boxliner Company spraying 1,000’s of LINE-X boxliners for over 15 years!!


LINE-X Bedliner Advantage

A great surface  LINE-X is a thick polyurethane/polurea elastomer that has a higher abrasion resistance and a higher tear strength than other spray-on or drop-in liners! LINE-X is always consistently thick without drips or runs. The mark of a LINE-X Liner is its factory like slip resistant finish.

Molds to every contour  Bonding permanently to your truck bed, LINE-X molds around every contour, providing a weather and water tight seal. No lost cargo space! Leaves the normal drainage system of your truck bed intact. Prevents, dirt, water, sand and gravel from ever getting in contact with metal of your truck preventing rust and corrosion.

Yes... it's repairable  Even if the most unlikely mishap occurs, your LINE-X dealer can seamlessly repair the surface to like-new. (Impossible with a drop-in liner).

Environmentally safe LINE-X is environmentally friendly; no hazards like V.O.C.'s or C.F.C.'s, and it's solvent free.

Quiet  It's thick shock absorbing qualities dampen sound and vibration. No rattling around like some drop-in liners can do.

Accessories fit great  Bed lids, camper shells, fiberglass tops, 5th wheel hitches, tie downs, utility boxes, etc. all fit great because LINE-X molds to every contour and does not interfere with accessory installation.

Adds value  Whether you spray LINE-X on a well used or a new truck bed, LINE-X will provide years of reliable service. According to the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) a spray-on bedliner adds to the resale value of your truck.

Resistant to most common chemicals  Including: pool chlorine, auto fuel, diesel fuel, paints, bleaches, organic solvents, fertilizers, and much more!

Superior protection  LINE-X is rated #1 in customer satisfaction. It outperforms other spray-on bedliners. It is the formulation combined with the commercial grade high temperature, high pressure equipment that give the LINE-X bedliner its toughness. The bedliner is tested for strength and protection in the laboratory to assure truck owners the superior physical properties needed for their heavy truck use. If you want superior protection, you want LINE-X.

Advanced polyurethane/polyurea formula  LINE-X is the only major bedliner company that actually develops its own material. LINE-X products have been sought out and tested by U.S. Navy, Air Force and Army Corps of Engineers to meet extreme protection requirements.


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